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A hotel will be built on the Ljeppershiem

A hotel is comming on the Ljeppershiem. The Ljeppershiem is insufflated a new life. After the area increasingly further came in decline the last time now a new destination for it has been found fortunately.

At the municipality in the person from Bol business e.g. mister Bol has communicated himself as a serious candidate. Boll is not a unknown person in Westergeest where he lives there a number of years already. Bol plans to establish a hotel restaurant with a welness part and several facilities for yachts. It becomes a hotel with 8 up to 10 chambers in farm style, further there will come a sauna and a steam bath. There will come a terrace near to the water. Also for one-day visitors he will remain space.

An ambitious plan is worked out at this moment and the rural importance is very positive. These plans are possible very important for Westergeest. Bol expects that the hotel will give work for up to 10 or 15 people in summer months. On the members meeting of local importance Westergeest the occupants showed themselves positively concerning the plans, the Ljeppershiem has a warm place at the occupants of Westergeest. Bol is also positive concerning the so far good cooperation with the municipality. If it lies to him it does not have last long more for there can be started with construction of the hotel restaurant.