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Derk v/d Kloet and Tjitse de Jong take farewell of governing board member of bird guard Westergeest/Triemen

Monday 17 Nov. last the bird guard held its autumn meeting in café Foestrum at Westergeest. First of all they called the present members most welcome and in particular member Roel Nicolai, member Siep Schotanus had excused himself. Subsidy to apply to meadow bird protection (readjustment) is still implied. According to Sjoerd v/d Schaaf those get who participated previous year also with this project, this year still simply subsidy, there recover definitely none new. Hereafter got. the secretarig the word to read the minutes of the spring meeting. These were approved unchanged. Also the entered pieces became commented. Treasurer Jappie Dijkstra got none or comments concerning the finanacieel report. Also the fund control could find no faults. Geert Postrma show slides of former times concerning Westergeest e.o. he is possible however bad against cigarettes smelled; our President has in itself taken it for this reason to show the dias. The "wisselbeker" for the vinder of the first "kievitsei" this year went to Heine van Assen. The goblet for the second eitje went to Harm jan brouwer. Siep Schotanus got a memory goblet. For the point governing board election our member Derk v/d Kloet and governing board member Tjitse had put himself the young not re-eligible. After a period of 33 years Derk v/d Kloet and 10 years Tjitse has the young in the governing board was sat they that a beetje renovation in the governing board was, however, at his place. That does not want say, said to our President that you will lose our for the guard. Jaap Adema and Jan Brouwer had been approached by the governing board. They were thus proposed to the meeting and were unanimously adopted to take meeting in the governing board. Old the governing board members did not go with the empty hands to house. They received each an aureole of vogelvoeder for in the winter and a book order from haden of our secretary for their proved services for the guard. Heine van Assen asked in the point rondvraag how the next year came with eierzoeken. Here still nothing of has been however confessed. Jan brouwer it would find better if there not one but two contacts by farmer came for the readjustment.