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emeioudk.jpg - 14 K In 1943 hamlet Triemen becomes an independent Village. Zwagerveen, Hanenburg and Zandbulten go to Kollumerzwaag. Of Weerdeburen and Westerburen, two hamlets also belonging to Westergeest is not much left, although the Weerdebuursterway still exists. The only hamlet left to Westergeest is Keatlingwier. Because of this exchange in hamlets the number of inhabitants drops to 624 in 1941 (compared to 1462 in 1864).
In those days most people where farmers, meaning most people were having, next to their real work, some livestock. Nowadays most inhabitants go to work outside the village.
The number of shops in the village diminishes in the course of years. Some time ago two bakers, two butchers, a greengrocer, a barber etc. existed. At present, only a small grocer's shop remains.
On the other hand a lot of facilities came in to existence in the past years. A farmhouse was rebuild as community centre, a recreation-terrain was added, and not so very long ago a tenniscourt and a Yacht haven.

Some years ago, at a village celebration as well as reunion for ex-Westergeestmers, a small book was issued with old photographs of Westergeest and inhabitants, called "Oud Westergeest in beeld" (Old Westergeest in the picture). It can be viewed and read 'on-line' here at the digital village. I'm afraid it's dutch only (wasn't intended for the internet).

Go to: Oud Westergeest in beeld (Old Westergeest in the picture)

Number of inhabitants 1998: 601